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Public datasets are downloadable by all users in their entirety (logo thick green) or except the last 2 last years (logo thick calendrier). Restricted datasets (logos thick orange and thick calendar) are only downloadable in their entirety by the partners or members of the observatory. Private datasets (logo thick red) are only downloadable by the members of the observatory.

Are you a partner of the observatory (ie have you ever initiated collaborations with a member of the observatory) ?

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If yes, your request will be forwarded to the steering committee of the observatory for review. Meanwhile, your account will be activated as a public profile (authorization to download only public datasets).

If no, your account will be immediately activated. You could download only public datasets.

In all cases, you will receive an email confirming your registration and containing your password.

Datas access and use are ruled by the AMMA-CATCH data policy below. We invite you to read it.

I have read and I accept the AMMA-CATCH data access policy
I commit myself to contact the principal investigator to propose him a collaboration.
In case of a publication, depending on the significance of the dataset in the work published and the actuality of a scientific collaboration, I commit to propose co-signature to the principal investigator or to acknowledge him.